A Brief Introduction to the Power of Yarrow

Posted by Nathan on 12th May 2014

Spring has sprung here in Minnesota. I spent part of the weekend planting the garden, including some of the herbs I will be turning into medicine for NGTHerbals. Already, there was a bumper crop of ne … read more

Zen Herbalism

Posted by Nathan on 30th Apr 2014

We are being soaked right now with early spring rains here in Minnesota. Already, the nettle patch in my garden is bursting forth, bigger than ever. Soon, the dandelions will come, and then the cl … read more

Decolonizing Weeds

Posted by Nathan on 21st Apr 2014

“On the whole people might be better off if they threw away the crops they so tenderly raise and ate the weeds they spend so much time exterminating.” ~ Euell Gibbons, Stalking the Wild AsparagusI … read more

An Herbal Love Story

Posted by Nathan on 14th Apr 2014

I started regularly gardening towards the end of my undergrad days. It didn’t take long before I also became interested in herbal medicine. My sister was working in the health section of a local co … read more