Spring Detox Herb Harvest

Posted by Nathan on 3rd Jun 2014

Recent Plantain and Nettle Harvest

This is often my favorite time of year. The spring herbs are popping up all over the place in abundance. After a long winter, it's always satisfying to witness Earth's rebirth, and be able to taste again fresh off the plant leaves and flowers.

We've been busy at NGTHerbals harvesting the first of many soon to be tinctured medicinals. Last month's Pine Needles are already prepared, while more recently collected dandelion root, cleavers, plantain and others are still in process. Many of the spring arrivals are great for general detoxifying. The beauty of a plant like dandelion or plantain is in the gentleness with which they act upon the body. They may not be the most speedy cleansers in the world, but their slower action tends to heal more deeply, giving relief from issues that more targeted medicines often miss. Plantain's anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities, for example, can break down the underlying causes of many common skin problems.

Keep an eye out for new tinctures of Plantain and other spring plants here at NGTHerbals. Happy spring to you all!